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Realizing one of the targets that were set as to develop the company abroad, "ERGO 3" SA started its construction activities in Georgia through the corporation forms "ARGO Construction" and "ARGO 2".

"ARGO Construction" builds in the heart of Georgia's capital city, Tbilisi, the well known "PIKRIS GORA" district, 15 Pasanauri str., on a 430 m2 plot, a multi-storeyed residential building of luxurious apartments, with 2 floors for commercial use and 2 underground parking levels of total built-up area of 3.050 m2 (32.830 ft2).

"ARGO 2" builds in Ureki, one of the most beautiful resorts of Georgia on Black Sea, on a plot of 1.500 m2 a 10-storeyed residential building of luxurious holiday apartments, of a total of built-up area of 5.500 m2 (59.200 ft2) at Phase A' and 5.500 m2 (59.200 ft2) at Phase B'.

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